Assist Governing Boards And Directors | BoardWorks | NZ "Commercially, it is little comfort for shareholders of a poorly performing company to know that their directors, management and auditors are neither negligent nor fraudulent, just not very good at creating and conserving wealth."
Frederick G Hilmer

Our Services

BoardWorks International assists governing boards and directors to realise their potential for effective organisational leadership.  We can assist with pretty much all aspects of the board's work.


We work with boards, board chairs, individual directors and chief executives, tailoring our service to meet your requirements.


Building Board Capability

Governance Performance Development

We can help you more clearly define accountabilities and performance expectations for the board and within the board and between board and management. We can help develop a sound board structure and processes; articulate organisational strategic purposes and priorities, and enhance relationships with senior executives and key stakeholders. Our focus is always on bringing about a positive and effective outcome.


Tailored Specialised Training/Professional Development

We conduct tailored, specialised - usually in-house - governance training in such areas as effective board practice and meeting management, strategic thinking, board decision making, board dynamics, governance policy development, risk management, and the like.


Board Selection and Induction Assistance

We help boards define performance expectations for the board and/or individual members and identify gaps in the board's capabilties.  We are are often included as independent governance experts on board selection panels and help new appointees become productive quickly through effective induction.


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Board Process Facilitation

Board and Director Performance Review

It is important to keep your board fresh and ‘on its toes'. A regular board (and director) evaluation is a key to this and also supports a systematic approach to succession planning. Boards can conduct their reviews ‘internally' however they will benefit from an occasional evaluation process that is conducted externally and independently. Using tools and processes tailored to your board's situation (predominantly interview based) we facilitate reviews of board and director performance and advise on the design and implementation of development initiatives that build on existing strengths.


Strategic Thinking Facilitation and Major Decision Processes

We help release the collective knowledge and judgement of your board while developing its strategic thinking and decision making capabilities. BoardWorks International principals are acknowledged as outstanding facilitators who have been effective in leading high impact processes in environments where the stakes are mission critical.


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Governance Structures and Internal Relationships

Governance structure review and redesign

We carry out independent reviews of governance structures and assist owners and other key stakeholders, and boards, to clarify and enhance accountability mechanisms and find new and more effective ways of governing their organisations.


Chief Executive Performance Management

Boards often struggle to develop an effective chief executive performance planning and monitoring framework. We assist boards to articulate clear performance expectations, facilitating performance planning and review processes.


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Additional Forms of Support

Board Consulting and Coaching

Whether your board has a specific challenge to address, or wants, generally, to lift its performance, we can provide on-going or 'as required' coaching to support the development of the board's collective leadership capacity or to enhance the contribution of directors individually.



We can help accelerate your development and increase your performance as a director, board chair or chief executive, through a 1:1 relationship with a mentor experienced in these roles.


Conference and Workshop Presentations

The principals of BoardWorks International are skilled and entertaining public speakers who regularly provide informative and stimulating presentations to a wide range of audiences.


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