Boardroom Leadership & Strategy | BoardWorks International " ... The questionable performance of major institutions is not the result of incompetence or poor motives or lack of industry in the internal administration and leadership, but stems rather from an inadequate concept of trust in the governing boards and their failure to accept a more demanding (and a more rewarding) role."
Robert K Greenleaf

About Us

Our Purpose

BoardWorks International is a long-established, leading board effectiveness consultancy with but one purpose - to support governing boards and directors in delivering outstanding and inherently satisfying boardroom leadership.


We do this through:

  • Consulting

  • Facilitation, coaching and mentoring

  • Delivering professional education - boardroom training seminars and workshops

  • Researching international best practice in governance

  • Writing and publishing - including specialist periodical, Board Works.

  • Board Performance Assessment


Our history

BoardWorks International was co-founded by Graeme Nahkies and Terry Kilmister in 1997. We believe we are the first consultancy in Australasia with an exclusive focus on boardroom effectiveness. Its establishment recognised increasing accountability and performance pressures on governing boards regardless of their organisational size and purpose. Boardworks International has remained deliberately small so clients can benefit directly from the experience and experience of its founders. They are assisted as needed by a select range of highly experienced associates.


Key Personnel

Graeme Nahkies


Graeme came to full-time governance consulting after a successful earlier career in roles as diverse as professional adviser (town planning and resource management), government policy analyst, project manager, and senior executive.


Among senior executive roles Graeme was Deputy Chief Executive of the then Housing Corporation of New Zealand, Chief Executive of the Waikato Regional Council, and Chief Executive of Hutt Valley Health Corporation Ltd, a Crown Health Enterprise. He has also undertaken acting chief executive roles for client boards.


Graeme has postgraduate qualifications in Geography, Sociology, Town Planning and Public Policy from Canterbury, Auckland and Victoria Universities. He has also completed a range of executive development programmes in New Zealand, and leading business schools in the US and the UK.


Graeme also has extensive experience in a range of governance roles (mostly as a board chair) in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. He is a Chartered Member of the New Zealand Institute of Directors' and a past winner of that organisation's National Study Award.


Graeme lives part-time in Wellington and spends as much time as he can at his second home in Turangi.


Terry Kilmister


Terry has provided governance advice and consulting services to a wide range of organisations in the commercial, public and not-for-profit sectors for over 30 years.


Terry established and ran BoardWorks International's Australian consultancy service based in Melbourne for 10 years before returning to New Zealand in 2009. Terry's work, both in Australia and in New Zealand, has been with boards across all sectors from large publically listed companies to a wide range of not-for-profit organisations. Throughout his 30 years of practice Terry has specialised in sports sector boards.


Terry has extensive direct governance experience having served on a number of boards both as a chairperson and as a director.


In his own right and in a writing partnership with Graeme Nahkies, Terry has written and published books and in excess of 300 articles addressing corporate governance issues. He has written best practice governance manuals for both Australian and New Zealand public entities and has contributed to university texts.


Terry's association with BoardWorks International is now part time only but he continues to be available to work with both longstanding and new clients.


Terry lives in Kerikeri, in Northland.



Associates of BoardWorks International work with us when their specialised skills and experience add value in a particular engagement.


Our Approach

Having agreed with you the scope of work to be performed, we will apply a sound theoretical framework, drawing on the experience, insight and methodologies developed in hundreds of successful engagements. As a client, you will gain the benefit of the significant intellectual capital we have developed through our practice, including our in-depth board effectiveness process and evaluation tool set. Our services, the results expected and our fee for services will all be clearly stated and agreed in advance.


Our Clients

BoardWorks International has completed assignments for the boards of many different types of organisations, including:


  • Privately owned companies

  • Professional and trade associations

  • Publicly listed companies

  • Crown entities

  • Government departments

  • State owned enterprises

  • Government owned companies

  • Local authorities

  • Tertiary education institutions

  • Labour unions

  • Savings and loans institutions

  • Healthcare organisations

  • National sporting organisations

  • National aand local arts organisations

  • Cooperatively owned companies

  • Council controlled organisations

  • Statutory authorities

  • Community and charitable organisations

  • Vocational regulatory bodies

  • Church organisations

  • Industry training organisations

  • Tribal authorities

  • Insurance companies and other mutuals



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