BoardWorks International | Boardroom & Corporate Governance "......most of what boards do either does not need to be done or is a waste of time when the board does it. Conversely, most of what boards need to do for strategic leadership is not done."
John Carver, US corporate governance theorist.

Welcome to BoardWorks International

BoardWorks International assists governing boards, directors and the executive teams that support them, to achieve an advanced level of governance effectiveness.

Great governance does not happen by chance

The pressures on governing boards continue to increase. They are expected to exercise effective stewardship over organisations facing new and potentially disruptive changes to their operating environments. Modern technology gives greater access to information but threatens to drown boards in irrelevancy. The demands of stakeholders are increasingly loud and often in conflict. Legislators and regulators regularly deliver new prescriptions for ‘good governance' adding to the compliance pressures boards face.


Despite these and many other challenges, board work is still fundamentally a part-time activity. Recognising this we work with boards, board chairs and directors to help them get a better focus on the things that matter and find more effective ways to leverage their impact on organisational performance.


We also assist chief executives and their teams wanting to support better the work of their boards and achieve a more productive and mutually beneficial collaboration with them.


BoardWorks International can assist you with:

  • Advice and assistance based on the best thinking internationally on governing  board accountability and boardroom performance improvement opportunities;

  • Facilitation and coaching in the effective design and conduct of core board processes including strategic thinking, key decision making and risk characterisation;

  • Governance training – professional development specific to the boardroom environment that increases board and individual director capability;

  • Consulting on the way in which board dynamics relates to the collective leadership that is inherent in governance roles;

  • Achieving real enjoyment and satisfaction from your governance role.






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